Mid Century Modern Dresser by American of Martinsville

A Mid Century Modern dresser by American of Martinsville with great polished aluminum pulls and aluminum inset stars on top. The drawers function fine. It has wonderful pattern of walnut veneer. Overall great solid wood piece of furniture.

There are some chips on the veneer, on the left top side of the dresser and on the middle drawer by the pull handle, also some light scratches/wear on the top. It has what I would consider standard wear for it's age and I believe it to be in fair/good condition. More pictures by request.


  1. I'm thrilled to have found you. This piece gives me chill bumps! Love it. When I start working more in Florida I'll be bugging you to death!

  2. Cant Wait for you to bug us!'

    thanks for the support!
    shana and john

  3. This is awesome! I found this exact piece (minus the drawers) about to be placed in dumpster. It was a victim of smoke damage in a garage fire. I rescued it and gave it new life. But I never did find who made it until right now. It's already been sold, but would love to know how much you sold yours for. Mine went for $160.00. I

  4. I have this piece and a matching nine drawer dresser. Looking around for a headboard and nightstands.