MId Century Green Sectional Sofa

Yowza! Mid Century Modern SECTIONAL couch is in excellent vintage condition! Green fabric has no stains but there are a couple of spots where the fabric is separating. (as shown in photos)

Wooden mid century legs are in sturdy condition and covered right now by a dust ruffle. Great addition to any mid century home!

Armrest Section 48" L x 27" H
Round Corner Section 36" L x 27" H
Last Section 60" x 27" H


  1. Modern Furniture Warehouse delivering at Very affordable and an amazing furniture piece to me. They are very awesome. I'll definitely buy another product from them.

  2. This sofa set is so comfortable, my family got it for thanksgiving and we have been loving it every since.

  3. Kaitlyn LongbranchApril 8, 2013 at 9:33 AM

    We really love this sofa, it has a nice build an structure, real solid and firm there's nothing about this sofa that fills like it cheap or will break on us! LOVE This small sofa