Mid Century American of Martinsville Bedroom Set

Salutations vintage friends. Welcome to the world of American of Martinsville! Have you done your research? Well, we have and if you look on ebay you'll be amazed at the deal we have for you. We have two night stands, a tall dresser, a LONG dresser and mirror and a headboard. The headboard is for a FULL, but they've done some modifications to make it a QUEEN, which is just one rank down from KING – so you and your partner should fit nicely. This set is off the chain because not only is it SOLID WOOD (where do you even find such a thing anymore), but it's also in tip top shape! OH and our favorite is the design – it's not just some flat boring vintage set, no no friends...it's JAZZY! The photos say it all really. So if you're interested in a beautiful bedroom set don't pass this up — it's unique, vintage and fabulous! Be the talk of the town and treat yourself to some good wood — you'll be glad you did and you'll sleep easy ;) 

Much Love and remember, buying vintage is so GREEN!

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  1. I just bought the tall dresser alone in NYC. Can you tell me any more about this set? What year & designer?

  2. Hey Justin!
    We believe its from the 50's! It was made by American of Martinsville. The whole set is solid wood and very heavy. WE actually just sold this set today. Thanks for checking out the site and have a great day!

  3. May I ask What this set is appraised for? How hard is it to find the matching night stand? I have one but am missing the matching set.

  4. Hi... may I ask how much did this sell for??? thanks

  5. Hi... i purchased this EXACT same set minus headboard - out of curiosity may I ask what did you sell your set for??? thanks