Mid-Century Capiz Hanging Swag Lamps

Offered is a set of three vintage capiz shell pendant lamps. These are individually wired for hard wiring and are in great condition, with slight surface wear. We literally had them removed from a mid-century modern home at an estate sale. Two have cords that measure 3 feet in length and were used as hanging bedside lamps. The third was used in the bathroom and has a cord length that is 1 foot. The classic teardrop shape makes these lamps ideal for any style home and with a little work, you could have them re-wired with new chain making them all the same length. They make a great graphic look either down a long hall or hanging at different heights over a large table. 9 by design would eat these up!

Each lamp measures 18 inches long and at the widest part of the teardrop, it's 10 inches in diameter and goes to 4 1/2 inch at the bottom.


  1. I'm drooling over these. I want to buy them, but I'm afraid to ask how much. : )

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